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Your feet don't have to hurt.

Dr. Gina Mendoza specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot and ankle conditions. She is an expert in the conservative and surgical treatment of the foot and ankle, and the medical management of foot diseases.

Your feet don't have to hurt! Women have about four times as many foot problems as men. No matter why your feet hurt, Dr. Mendoza can help give you relief.

Is foot or ankle pain getting in the way of your performance goals? As an athlete herself, Dr. Mendoza is an expert at treating athletic injuries.

Regular visits to Dr. Gina Mendoza may save your feet! Dr. Mendoza is trained to recognize and treat diabetic foot conditions and can help you avoid complications.


Dr. Gina Mendoza’s approach to podiatry blends state-of-the-art training, personal attention and a compassion for patients that can only come from experiencing debilitating foot pain herself.

An office visit with Dr. Mendoza is warm and personal. She views every interaction with you as an investment in a mutual relationship that will last for years. That’s why she gives you plenty of time to discuss your concerns and does everything in her power to relieve your pain.


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Many people put off visiting the podiatrist because they think that their feet are supposed to hurt. Foot pain is the sign of a problem that Dr. Gina Mendoza can help you solve. Why put up with pain when you can get relief?
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