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Do You Have "Lockdown Feet?"

What is this baffling condition? What can you do if you have it? Dr. Gina Mendoza explains.

It's been over a year since the coronavirus pandemic started. Though more and more people have received the vaccine and many restrictions are easing, lots of people are still spending the majority of their time at home, swapping their regular outdoor footwear for slippers, socks only, or bare feet.

You might be surprised to learn that this so-called comfortable footwear has actually led to health problems for some home-bound individuals.

People have complained about experiencing pain in the arch or heel of their foot. If you have felt the same, it's possible that you may have plantar fasciitis or "lockdown feet."

Why does this happen? Chalk it up to poor quality footwear and floppy soles.

When you wear low-quality shoes, ligaments in the foot can become stretched and arches can become unsupported. If this goes on for to long, you'll start to feel the strain. Wearing floppy slippers all the time eventually takes its toll.

The arch and heel pain of plantar fasciitis can be caused by other things, such as exercising on hard surfaces. But more and more, I've been seeing people who've spent the last year working from home in their pajamas and stocking feet start reporting foot pain.

What's the fix? Supportive shoes are key. Birkenstock, Vionics, and Chaco are always good choices. Shoes designed by those brands offer great support. Anytime you go from wearing shoes all day to spending your days barefoot or in stocking feet, you're going to have problems.

If you're interested in checking out supportive shoes, Mendoza Podiatry has a nice selection that includes Vionic, Dansko, and more. Just stop by our office and take a look!

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