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Make New Year's Resolutions for Your Feet!

New Year’s Day is a symbolic fresh start. Many of us make resolutions to be better and do better. Maybe we resolve to exercise more, lose weight, or kick a bad habit. These are all great goals, but why not take your resolutions in a new direction for 2022? Why not set some New Year's resolutions for your feet?

This is especially important if you're female. Women are at a higher risk for foot and ankle problems, thanks to high heels, too-narrow shoes, changing hormone levels, pregnancy, and more.

Whether you're male or female, when you experience foot or ankle pain, and it’s important to seek appropriate care in a timely manner. Calling Mendoza Podiatry at the first sign of trouble give gives Dr. Mendoza a chance to attempt conservative treatments to reduce the pain and address the underlying medical condition.

If you're interested in creating New Year's resolutions for your feet, here are some ideas.

Ease into any new workout routine

Gradually ramping up your workouts will help you avoid common overuse injuries such as shin splints and plantar fasciitis.

Match your shoes with your activity

Chose the proper footwear for each occasion. Minimize the use of high heels (maybe leave them in the office).

Purge your closet

Get rid of shoes that don't fit anymore along with worn out sneakers and athletic shoes that don’t offer proper support.

Pick the right shoe gear

The next time you buy a pair of shoes, go to a full-service store that has actual people who can measure your feet and help you select the shoe that’s best for your feet. If you have trouble finding shoes that offer the right amount of support, custom orthotics are an excellent way to help shoes fit your foot perfectly.

Get rid of ugly toenails

If you suffer from toenail fungus, winter is the perfect time to get your toenails ready for summer. Mendoza Podiatry offers a variety of treatment options that will have your feet looking great by the time warmer weather arrives.

Free yourself from foot pain

Make 2022 the year you resolve to stop putting up with foot pain. Make this year the year you get relief! Let Dr. Mendoza take a look at your problem and recommend a treatment plan to solve it. No matter what foot or ankle problem you may be experiencing, Dr. Mendoza can help. Call Mendoza Podiatry at 615.826.0941 to schedule your appointment.

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