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Relieve Neuroma Pain with Dilute Alcohol Sclerosing Injections

Dilute Alcohol Sclerosing Injections can cause degeneration (chemical neurolysis) of the nerve to alleviate pain.

4% DILUTE ALCOHOL Injections have been used for years for nerve conditions with a high success rate for the treatment for nerve pain from a neuroma.

Repeated injection of alcohol solution close to nerve tissue causes selective degeneration (aka. neurolysis) until the nerve is destroyed or completely ceases nerve function.

We have 1 more bottle left of dilute 4% alcohol to use before Jan. 2021!

Dilute alcohol has become out of stock and is now too costly for doctors to provide for patients.

If you have tried steroid injections, orthotics, and shoe gear modifications with no success and you do not want surgical removal of the nerve, then make an appointment for a consultation at Mendoza Podiatry.

The injections are provided in a series of 7

1 injection weekly for only $25.00/injection

Call today to schedule your appointment.


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